SilverStick Leather Kit + One-Hitter

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This special-edition SilverStick Leather Kit is specifically designed to house the SilverStick and all its accompanying accoutrements. Also handcrafted here in the USA from rich Horween leather and vintage copper studs, this beautiful case is a handsome alternative to your everyday dugout. A nifty slit in the top righthand corner fits the SilverStick’s poker while the rest of the case houses the SilverStick, an airtight storage container, and a lighter. Icons of each item are beautifully etched right into the actual leather itself so you know exactly where to fit them while a cleverly placed pocket on the bottom righthand exterior unbuttons to house several additional filters for quick and easy replacing.

*There will be slight variations in color and texture with each Leather Kit due to the handmade nature and nuances of the hand-dyed leather. This is a good thing. It ensures the leather will wear to your lifestyle and develop a unique identity and patina all on its own. 



  • SilverStick one-hitter pipe
  • 25 natural cotton filters
  • Stainless Steel Poker
  • Cap for the pipe
  • Airtight container good for any smoking product
  • (Lighter NOT Included)



2 1/2" (W) x  3 7/8" (H) x 3/4" (D)