RYOT® Multi-Chamber Box (6 x 8)

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This gorgeous wooden storage box by RYOT® features an interior open-topped monofilament screened box to capture all the finer shavings of your most prized materials along with several additional customizable storage compartments for pipes, papers, lighters, pokers, and other small smoking accessories. It also comes with two lock keys to ensure safe and secure keeping. Fully loaded, RYOT® multi-chamber locking boxes make for the perfect home smoking station.



6 x 8 with 3 x 5 insert box



  • Durable wood construction with attractive metal lock and key
  • Open-top monofilament box for storing and sifting smoking blends
  • Removable storage divider
  • Additional storage for smoking accessories
  • Includes 1 RYOT® Box Scrape Card