Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer

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Brooklyn’s own Puffco has brought the functionality you know and love from their previous models to a new slim form factor with the Puffco Pro 2. The perfect balance of vapor and flavor, the Pro 2 is built with a large capacity ceramic chamber that’s been redesigned for maximum efficiency. No glues, plastics, or fibers ensures nothing but pure flavor, while their famous “Sesh Mode” allows for 12 seconds of continuous use without having to hold down any buttons.

The Puffco Pro 2 comes complete with a full Pro 2 vaporizer, a sleek impact-resistant hard case, loading tool, USB charger, and instruction manual.



Slim Design

Puffco’s smallest vaporizer yet, the Pro 2 has already been called one of the best looking vape pens on the market.

Large Capacity Ceramic Chamber

The Pro 2 houses a large capacity special blend ceramic chamber free of glues, plastics, or fibers, enabling it to deliver a massive cloud production full of taste and flavor. A tapered bowl design ensures minimal waste and easy cleaning.

“Sesh Mode” + 3-Way Temperature Control

Puffco’s innovative “Sesh Mode” allows the user to activate the chamber without continuously holding down the cloud button. While in any heat mode, double tap the cloud and instantly user in 12 seconds of continuous vapor, allowing you to pass to a friend or savor the sesh all for yourself.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

The Pro 2 is machined from durable stainless steel to withstand whatever you throw at it. It also includes a threadless mouthpiece, shock absorbent silicone bottom cap, and a removable splash guard.

Sleek Portable Carrying Case

The Pro 2 comes in a sleek impact-resistant carrying case complete with a charger and loading tool.

Extended Battery Life

The Pro 2 is designed to keep up with you all day and all night with an extended battery life that’s good for up to 100 uses per charge.