Puffco Plus Vaporizer

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Brooklyn’s own Puffco has essentially created the first-ever pocket nail with the Puffco Plus, a coil-free vaporizer with a ceramic chamber and an innovative built-in “dart” loading tool that delivers a highly potent, flavorful, and discreet vapor. Use the dart to easily load one precise dose at a time and instantly experience full spectrum effects. No Coils. No Glues. No Compromises.

The Puffco Plus comes complete with a full Plus vaporizer, an extra capped Plus chamber, USB SuperCharger, instruction manual, and cotton swabs.



All Ceramic Chamber

The Plus chamber is made completely from ceramic without any glues or exposed metals for a great taste guaranteed.

Coilless Design

With a coil-free all ceramic bowl, the Puffco Plus heats instantly and produces highly potent clean vapor. “Plus” without the coil, cleaning has never been easier.

Optimal Flavor

The coil-free chamber has been engineered to deliver optimal flavor by achieving even heat distribution and effortless cleaning.

“Sesh Mode + 3-Way Temperature Control

Puffco’s innovative “Sesh Mode” allows the user to activate the chamber without continuously holding down the cloud button. While in any heat mode, double tap the cloud and instantly user in 12 seconds of continuous vapor, allowing you to pass to a friend or savor the sesh all for yourself.

The Dart

The mouthpiece houses a removable ceramic loading “dart” tool to easily load your materials along with a convection cap that minimizes splashback and efficiently retains oil.

High Potency Full Spectrum Effects

Just like your trusty (and hopefully not rusty) ceramic nail, the Plus is designed to deliver an entire dose all at once.

Enhanced Airflow

The sealed conduction chamber directs vapor upward through the dart convection cap. This innovative engineering prevents clogging and produces steady, consistent vapor.