Smith Street Candle Co. x The Hemponair Cannabis-Scented Candle

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We teamed up with Brooklyn-based Smith Street Candle Co. to create the perfect cannabis-scented candle for today's discerning cannabis enthusiast. Handmade in their Smith Street studio, this one-of-a-kind eco-friendly soy candle gives off a deliciously heady, spicy, and oh-so-sexy fragrance that's sure to convince anyone to take a hit.

With top notes of lemon and orange mixed in with fig, pepper, oak, sandalwood, and a touch of earthy amber-patchouli, it provides just the right amount of that wonderful cannabis scent without smelling like you just hotboxed your Benz (which you probably did anyways).

* This Product does NOT contain cannabis, THC, CBD, hemp, or any other ingredient and/or derivative of the cannabis plant.



Each Smith Street Candle Co. candle is handmade with eco-friendly soy wax, high-quality fragrances, and extra-long cotton wicks for longer, cleaner burns.



Smith Street Candle Co. x The Hemponair cannabis-scented candle has a height of 3.4" and a diameter of 3.2" and will burn for approximately 60 hours.



Smith Street Candle Co. is a Midwestern husband and wife duo now living and working in Brooklyn. Both designers by day, they started making candles as a hobby five years ago to do something tactile away from their computers. After a ton of great praise and feedback, they turned that hobby into a small business in 2015 and haven't looked back since.

They pride themselves on making high-quality small-batch, hand-poured candles right here in Brooklyn, New York.